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Support a cause that gives back to our US military returning back home. WYSH Project founder Andrew O’Brien uses contributions to fund travel and support the Documentary about the growing problem with PTSD affecting today’s military service members.  All funds will be used to help with travel and the filming of the documentary.  We need a soldier out there who has attempted this before. Problem is Andrew is not a rich veteran, and so can’t afford the costs of travel alone. All funds donated through here will solely be used for funding the Documentary project.  In this Documentary we will be filming Andrew traveling around giving speeches as well as interviewing other veterans, family members and mental health professionals.  Funding this project means helping a crew work full time at completing this documentary, including Andrew who still works full time at another job at the moment.  Once this documentary is completed, it will help not just veterans and family members nation wide, but give a better understanding to the civilian population.  This documentary will SAVE LIVES!


In 2011 the Veteran Affairs reported an average of 18 veterans took their own life a day. In 2012 the Veterans Affairs reported an increase to an average of 22 veterans a day as well as 1 active duty service member a day. In 2012 there were more reported suicides in the active duty military than  lost in war. Veterans make up for less than 1% of the United States, but account for 20% of the entire U.S. population’s suicides.

The Present:

Andrew wrote a guide titled “Welcoming Your Soldier Home”. Deciding a simple book wasn’t enough and he began publicly speak about his suicide attempt. He has given speeches in Austin, New Orleans, Iowa and has been invited to Boston and LA. He speaks to families, veterans and civilians. He helps people understand what it is like to handle PTSD and what was going through his mind in that exact moment of deciding to take his own life. Since beginning his journey just in February of 2013 he had at least 10 veterans come and speak to him about their attempts. He has had families tell him that he has no idea how much he has helped them. Along with those, he has also had a veteran contact him. The next day Andrew woke up to a message telling him that his story had saved the veteran’s life.

Andrew’s Future with WYSH Project:

After realizing the lives I have made a difference in, I decided the best way to move forward was to make a documentary of my speeches and speaking with veterans and families. The goal of this documentary is to help veterans know that they’re not a lone in the way they feel and think, and help families know that what their veteran is going through is normal. When people realize they’re not alone, I guarantee you that this number will decrease. Once the documentary is complete it will be for sale to the public, but also donated to families of returning soldiers.